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Welcome to V4COCK. We're here to ensure a space free of abuse and rule breaking. To this effect, the rules and all complaints will be housed here for reference. First, some guidelines for this thread…

1) If you are reporting abuse, SCREENSHOT THE SHIT, preferably with console evidence. We will not act on any claim without proof of some kind.

2) We encourage reports. That's the only way that we'll know what's going on in the room if we aren't there to see it. Don't be petty about it, though. If you were spamming/advertising/etc and refused to listen to warnings, don't post here. That does nothing but make yourself look bad.

3) Sometimes you guys might have a matter of urgency to bring to an admin. Our doors are always open, and we're glad to hear what you have to say. For pertinent matters, add the admins on Steam at http://steamcommunity.com/id/ykulnu/ and http://steamcommunity.com/id/funtapaz/. Offline messages are awesome and welcomed!

Now, for the rules…

Skip ratio is to be set at 25% at all times. If a skip train occurs, warn and then ban the users calling for it and set the skips to 50% until the train stops.

Random bans will result in a not-so-random demod. You cannot ban people for hurting your feelings, you fucking pansy bitch.

Spam, bump begging and skip begging are grounds for a warning kick and then ban. Using :spin: more than once in a chat message and for anything other than a single emote with no text falls under this rule. Disrupting the chat is a no-go.
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I like how you make sure the passing poll isn't viewable(which was started by bronard, and passed).

You had a mod bump something that wasn't in the hour, knowingly. It was some loli anime shit, and it was shit.

What do you do after? Post more shit, and a stream you didn't even ask to poll for.

Fuck off.

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This is a room for the users, and as such, we want to get your feedback on how you think the room is operating so far. What do you like? What can we improve on? Are there rules that you think have been effective or total shit? Let us know. Suggestions are welcome as well. The admins will be taking note of what has been said here and see what we can do to make v4c even better than before.
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Alright, From now on I'm using this trip to confirm it's me ;)

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Feel free to download our script and join the botnet at:


Enjoy all kinds of crap like new emotes for spamming, mod actions for seeing the mod abuse up close, and text effects for maximum memeing!

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The following users have been deemed Ban on Sight:

BleedingLungs - Harassing other user's family members and general drama.

Lennic - Posting links to nude kids.

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I've always been wondering if there are people on v4c who actually are neets. Tell us about your neet levels.
2 years of maximum neeting over here. Starting a 400€/Month job at like 3 days per week in a few weeks though. :feel:


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I just wanted to be nice you Amerifag shit!


File: 1429149646865.jpg (78.44 KB, 683x421, 11111.jpg)

You wont even understand :mysides:


I am repeating a failed year and I have 1 class a week. Rest of the time I spend home, always. I don't have hikkimori problems, anxiety, insecurity etc. but I don't have any prospects for the future also because I attend bad course

After a year of doing absolutely nothing and getting money for free from parents I 've gotten incredibly lazy. The worst thing about being a neet is that you taste how good it feels to have absolutely no responsibilities
and you can't go back from there


Technically pursuing a masters degree but I haven't been in a classroom since November of last year.

My days include smoking weed, sleeping, eating, finding ways to earn money to buy more weed, maxing out credit cards on take out food, and repressing any feelings that what I'm doing is incredibly self-destructive.

Got an internship with NASA lined up for the summer though that pays $700 a week so at least I have that to look forward to.



yo hook a brother up with internship

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>fuck around and ban illusory while blacknaming for a ruse
>illu demods and bans me
>illu deletes me from steam
>won't reply to anything
>abusing me is now decriminalized

what happened? when did illusory become such a sensitive cunt. i dindo nuffin ;_;





File: 1429332358855.gif (1.22 MB, 500x281, na0pte4TBU1sc66cvo4_500.gif)

you are like the shittiest user on the site, you are literal bleedinglungs tier. smartin the fuck up and stop being such a fucking moron.



Powerbottom i love you please marry me. ill buy you shitloads of cheezits

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What the fuck happened to v4c? Why isn't there a sticky to an alternative v4c?


File: 1429385803543.png (751.76 KB, 1574x770, mayam.pNg)

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>>not liking the new update
this is literally the best thing ever

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about ur cap, I installed instasynchP core and the login logout extension but it works with some nicknames sometimes, not always.. do u know why? I really want to have that feature working



Firefox is shit.

File: 1429326451630.jpg (28.42 KB, 325x222, Tyranitar calls up a sandstorm…)

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>go to v4c
>"could not connect to server"
Does this have something to do with the instasynch update? Or is it only happening for me?


File: 1429332121387.png (212.16 KB, 640x480, wdObViM.png)

old.instasync is now officially dead


why the fuck do I even bother getting up anymore

Instasynch is fucking worthless now, it's a normalfag pandering shithole


File: 1429359239923.gif (1.73 MB, 200x293, SuJ8PXF[1].gif)


>miku css

>normalfag pandering

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