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Come to this thread to request an unban.

Please state the reason you were banned, and what your name is.

Also report mod abuse here. Please include screenshots, and DO NOT CROP THEM. Please include javascript console in the screenshot if possible. This is accessible by using ctrl+shift+j on firefox. Include the window in your report with the offending action visible.
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pls unban me

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This is the official ban on sight list. If you are a mod, ban these users on sight, if you are on the list, jeez ur a faget m8.

DrNick (CP Poster)

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You want to know who I am?

You want some honesty then?

I don't tell this to a lot of people, and I usually keep the subject to myself.
I served aboard a destroyer for 5 years for a total of 6 including training, deploying to places all over the Pacific. I have served during "Operation: Valiant Shield" off the coast of North Korea. Twice deployed to the Persian Gulf patrolling Oil rigs, providing protection against pirates and providing humanitarian aid to the poor fucking people who risk their lives every day for barely even the slightest improvement of their already miserable conditions. You do what you can, as much as you can for them.

I got a medal for the Iraq War my second time through. Plenty of other medals, all in their different colors symbolizing this or that. Good conduct, Sharpshooter (goddamn one point and would have had expert BOTH guns), expeditionary forces, times deployed etc., they're gained in time.

The medals don't matter.

None of them do.

Not a single accomplishment in the Navy really ever felt like an accomplishment to me if I didn't do the only thing that really ever mattered to me the entire time I served.

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omg no whers ameer


prove it faggot, show proof


He's a real human bean you heartless haters


Shut up manboss

I served as a hospital corpsman for 15 months in Iraq.

I am a real human bean.


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>can't join my countries armed forces because they refuse people who are colourblind

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52 missed messages…
120 missed messages…
342 missed messages…
[Honking Minimized]

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V4C is an open place for anyone to come and hang out and play videos within the guidelines. Anyone who gets banned or kicked falls under three catagories.

1: Went against the rules and posted videos that arent allowed
2: Spammed chat or broke other various rules in a very blatant and disruptive manner. 3: Because an admin/mod doesnt like what they were doing.

3 shouldn't exist, and if it is allowed to continue existing the room will fall apart on its own. Remember ameer? This feels EXACTLY like when he was head of V4C.

I love V4C, like many others. Please, tone down with the drama, bans and stupid shit that leads to drama. Mods need to remove videos that are gore, cp, furry, mlp or pornographic in nature. Mods need to kick chat spammers and then proceed to ban them if they continue. Mods need to kick people who post porn in chat and then ban them if they continue. Admins need to be on the front of developing new ways for mods to handle these situations and maintaining back end things.

There are no fingers being pointed here, its everyones fault because everyone plays into this shit and it needs to stop or V4C will die. Anyways, thanks. ~Anon.


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But some of us wuv the porn. With no adsense, who cares? MOAR! SAUCE!


File: 1408764398875.png (190.98 KB, 790x462, clubsandwich.avi.png)



File: 1408764793504.jpg (18.57 KB, 540x357, sunspotsjpgto.jpg)


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I wish I could sleep. My bedtime isn't for another six years at least. Stupid obligations…
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what's going on in this thread.

this doesn't sound very happys :feel:


Did I say it was Manboss?


File: 1408764610863.jpg (34.31 KB, 450x350, 1266492823288.jpg)


Not really. Can you imagine if I had never found this place? THAT would be sad


Why is that?


Who are you?

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>kike mods/admins deleting dissent and banning people for no reason other than upsetting them
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hey now the internet is no place to be mean.


File: 1408764035160.jpg (99.96 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault[1].jpg)

Sentinel here, welcome to 4 years ago.


File: 1408764124797.jpg (1.44 MB, 1680x1050, 1347934639096.jpg)


Distractions are distractions. Time wasted having fun isn't… well ok it is, but still. Still wuuuuuv youuuuuu


File: 1408764185443.png (660.5 KB, 771x577, kek.png)

>accepting the influence of the kikes
they wont survive the day of the noose, and neither will you

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How do I become a mod?

Do I need to be an unfunny faggot and post /soc/-tier pictures of myself?
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So, you're going to go after someone who willingly gave away admin after getting rid of Ameer and has no interest in influencing the admins?

I agree. Its a stupid personal vendetta. You haven't even really given a real solid reason for hating him so much.

The only sad thing about all this is how so few of his "friends" actually bother sticking up for him. I would probably be let down by it if I were him, but who gives a fuck right?


1v1 rust manboss rock only


File: 1408719678267.jpg (25.71 KB, 252x346, 1408028873528.jpg)


>blacknames are respected


>you have to give up shitposting to become a mod
nigga, you have to shitpost like 5x as much


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Your picking of inferior emote is :gross:





jesus christ no.

tomoko looks awkwardly fat and not as qt as vomit-chan



Why have I never noticed that? Tome to fire up the ol' photoshop… tomorrow


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