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Welcome to V4C. We're here to ensure a space free of abuse and rule breaking. To this effect, the rules and all complaints will be housed here for reference. First, some guidelines for this thread…

1) If you are reporting abuse, SCREENSHOT THE SHIT, preferably with console evidence. We will not act on any claim without proof of some kind.

2) We encourage reports. That's the only way that we'll know what's going on in the room if we aren't there to see it. Don't be petty about it, though. If you were spamming/advertising/etc and refused to listen to warnings, don't post here. That does nothing but make yourself look bad.

3) Sometimes you guys might have a matter of urgency to bring to an admin. Our doors are always open, and we're glad to hear what you have to say. For pertinent matters, add the admins on Steam at http://steamcommunity.com/id/ykulnu/, http://steamcommunity.com/id/bronard
and http://steamcommunity.com/id/funtapaz/. Offline messages are awesome and welcomed!

Now, for the rules…

Skip ratio is to be set at 25% at all times. If a skip train occurs, warn and then ban the users calling for it and set the skips to 50% until the train stops.

Random bans will result in a not-so-random demod. You cannot ban people for hurting your feelings, you fucking pansy bitch.

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skipbegging is still a bannable offence

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Feel free to download our script and join the botnet at:


Enjoy all kinds of crap like new emotes for spamming, mod actions for seeing the mod abuse up close, and text effects for maximum memeing!

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The following users have been deemed Ban on Sight:

BleedingLungs - Harassing other user's family members and general drama. Also stalking Krogan.

virginifaggot - Doxxing users and getting them swatted.

Lennic - Posting links to nude kids.

UnkeleDolan - Doxxing the Allfather Gingersnap

Tidas - Posting links to nude kids.

Jagfreeze - Stalking Bronard.

Nickelback - Posting videos of nude kids.
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Christmas is just around the corner, so we thought we'd get the festivities going by doing a contest.

I'll be giving out a prize to the user who can create the best Christmas video that's related to v4c. The video can be about anything, once it's got some Christmas themes and is in someway related to v4c. The videos will be watched in m4c on the 16th of December and will be judge by Illusory, Bronard, Boner and myself.

The rules and shit:

1. Videos must have a Christmas theme and be related to v4c in some way.
2. Videos can be no more than 5 minutes and no less than 30 seconds long.

And that's pretty much it. Originality is heavily encouraged.

Keep an eye on this thread as some details could change in the future (Dates and shit).

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Give it a try, you never know.


>tfw the only videos you could make are some kind of home video shit due to no film making knowledge whatsoever


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If you don't have a video editing software installed and don't wanna use Windows Movie Maker I suggest you try http://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/ as far as free editors go.

But then again you can go and pirate Sony Vegas or any other editing software just as easily


Gonna be lenient with the videos being related to v4c once they've got a clear Christmas theme.



Posting from my phone so I don't have my trip. Fug :DDD

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post results ITT


File: 1448508195758.png (27.04 KB, 233x347, tumblr_inline_n94ackR4s01siisv…)







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send help

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any one mind telling me when this shit was voted on, or approved by an admin? or is this just a shit mod doing what he pleases again? he did this shit last night, 11-29-15, just added to a poll "add x-mass videos get a bump" is this not supposed to be voted on? even added a video that was 25 min with no poll. are we going to have to dealwith this shit for a whole fucking month? reminder that boner is the worst mod, he never bans/kicks/removes videos unless he has an ulterior motive.


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I'm fine with Kringlefest (The watching of holiday specials) in the as long as it stays in movie4chan. You can poll for a Holiday video hour for v4c but the 15 minute rule still applies. Gonna have a sit-down talk with him aboot this later

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fuck you anon

also: changing theme doesn't work, navbar fucks up even without scripts (I think), I just don't know what the cause for this is

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/fam when?




End your fucking life.



File: 1448645588027.jpg (36.69 KB, 250x323, 1421630974180[1].jpg)

>Nigger memes

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v4c classic moments



So Manboss is a narcissistic? I think that makes sense for all these fags.


WTF abuse?


He's a verbally abusive mofo

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