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Come to this thread to request an unban.

Please state the reason you were banned, and what your name is.

Also report mod abuse here. Please include screenshots, and DO NOT CROP THEM. Please include javascript console in the screenshot if possible. This is accessible by using ctrl+shift+j on firefox. Include the window in your report with the offending action visible.
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Is that xXxMetalGearxXx?

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This is the official ban on sight list. If you are a mod, ban these users on sight, if you are on the list, jeez ur a faget m8.

DrNick (CP Poster)

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so im taking a girl to the mall tomorrow and i want her to like me so i can maybe start a relationship. ive had a crush on her for a while and we used to hangout a few months back but we just started talking again and i want her to be interested in me. what should i do so she will like me and be attracted to me?


File: 1409556428372.png (125.24 KB, 920x420, kingoftheface.png)

bring her a bowl of eggs and make her eat them

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>bumps his gfs video
>people dont like it
>banns everyone who skipped it

another reason stacked onto reasons why this cunt should be demodded
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I miss ameer.


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Not to mention he heroin rages and bans people from v4c when they are in the tinychat only. :data:


wow rude thread


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Would you, v4c?




oh course




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Spamming emotes is a thing we all do. Anytime a sonic video comes on, or an alien video, we all spam the corresponding emotes. It's "v4c culture", I get that, but cuntpizza takes this shit too fucking far.

All he does is add shitty videos, gets them bumped by the mods who he's sweet on and spams shitty emotes, preventing others from talking in chat because of his shitty memes flooding the chat.

What's worse is that people want him to be a moderator. Don't make this fucker a moderator. All he'll do is bump his shitty videos so he can spam his memes.
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Just to clarify I didn't ban you, it was ILikeAnimeGirls



Davey stop spamming


Oh man, you mean we need to stop spamming on v4c Well Shhhiiiiittttt…..


I can't believe I missed this shit.


cuntpizza only really posts seal spam, he is a great user other than that. dont be jel

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Million Dollar Extreme was shut down on youtube. Are there any backup channels? Archives?

Illusory said there weren't, but I don't want to believe. I figure if anyone would know about em it'd be one of you fucks.


it's over he got v& m8 sam hyde is gone and he'll never come back
the merchant has shut him down

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hey v4c, I just had my first scrimmage today in football, we managed to win 5:2. I'd just like to say thanks for supporting me through this, I really appreciate it.
>tfw I got a tackle against quarterback and knocked out a black kid


why is this allowed


why are you allowed?



Im on drumline. And my team lost.


Really funny that this was posted, because I had a pick 6 in our first scrimmage a few days ago.


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>join v4c
>check modlist
>check for metalxXxgear
>add a few decent videos
>wait out the playlist for them to play
>4-5 more videos until mine come up
>he adds 5 of his borderline cp/anime/gay videos (literally gay)
>bumps them to 1 or 5 depending on how the fucker feels
>if there are no mods on he either purges the videos in front or nexts them
>if the video that is being played currently bores him he seeks to even if users are enjoying it
>bans users if they confront him about it
>his videos play
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File: 1408971902324.png (1.57 KB, 241x54, proof.png)

also some proof of this.

he adds a video
removes the video in front of his bumped to 3 video.

it looks like he kicked the user of the video he removed as well.


Face it, that brainless junkie will never be banned.


slander and lies


100% agree with you


File: 1409486790540.png (122.04 KB, 349x320, 1407531487065.png)

He does this to my playlist too.
Demmod metal.

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