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Welcome to V4C. We're here to ensure a space free of abuse and rule breaking. To this effect, the rules and all complaints will be housed here for reference. First, some guidelines for this thread…

1) If you are reporting abuse, SCREENSHOT THE SHIT, preferably with console evidence. We will not act on any claim without proof of some kind. Post it in in this thread or here: http://goo.gl/forms/rrE2mfTJ95

2) We encourage reports. That's the only way that we'll know what's going on in the room if we aren't there to see it. Don't be petty about it, though. If you were spamming/advertising/etc and refused to listen to warnings, don't post here. That does nothing but make yourself look bad.

3) Sometimes you guys might have a matter of urgency to bring to an admin. Our doors are always open, and we're glad to hear what you have to say. For pertinent matters, add the admins on Steam at http://steamcommunity.com/id/ykulnu, http://steamcommunity.com/id/bronard, http://steamcommunity.com/id/sunlightwarrior, and http://steamcommunity.com/id/funtapaz. Offline messages are awesome and welcomed!

And now, the Rules

Users can only have up to 15 videos in the playlist in order to prevent walls. This goes for both Black and Bluenames. Additionally, Videos longer than 15 minutes belong in movie4chan unless polled 3:1, except for le Zap if uploaded that day. Vidya is allowed to be bumped to 1. NO other bumps to above position 5 allowed, regardless of duration. Music videos are not allowed to be bumped.

The skiprate should be set at: 60<, viewers - 15%, 70 = 17.5%, 80 = 20%, 90 = 22.5%, 100+ = 25% (Or 15 + 2.5X, where X is (Current viewer rate - 60) x .1). If a skip train occurs, warn and then ban the users calling for it and set the skips to 50% until the train stops

Random bans will result in a not-so-random demod. You cannot ban people for hurting your feelings, you fucking pansy bitch.
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Maybe someone got shitcanned for it when I wasn't as active, but as far as I know it's never happened.

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GO HERE FOR GENERAL MOD FUNCTIONS: http://instasync.com/pages/help
GO HERE FOR ROOM/MOD RULES: http://www.v4c.fathax.com/v4c/res/20599.html


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1) Install your browser's script extension

Firefox: Greasemonkey https://addons.mozilla.org/en-/firefox/addon/greasemonkey/
Chrome: Tampermonkey https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tampermonkey/dhdgffkkebhmkfjojejmpbldmpobfkfo?hl=en
Opera: Tampermonkey Beta https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/tampermonkey-beta/

2) Install the official V4C script


Allows you to:
>Change your player layout/size between several styles
>Post multiple emotes in chat (Up to 4 at a time) along with stylized text
>View an emote list so you can check how to post the hippest new meme
>Keeps history of what the last videos that played in the room were
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The following users have been deemed Ban on Sight:

BleedingLungs - Harassing other user's family members and general drama. Also stalking Krogan.
virginifaggot - Doxxing users and getting them swatted.
Lennic - Posting links to nude kids.
UnkeleDolan - Doxxing the Allfather Gingersnap
Tidas - Posting links to nude kids, doxxing people and framing others for it.
Jagfreeze - Doxxing/Stalking Bronard.
Nickelback - Posting videos of nude kids.
Damnitbooby/Kosmo - Doxxing himself in order to frame others.
Cyberpolice/turkeye/turkeey/fowl - Doxxing users, reporting the room to the FBI fraudulently.
Higgus/Davey/Enclave/etc. - Doxxing/posting pics of bogzs

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The Tonde singan was short and sweet, but it's time for a real singan. Lyrics below


I'm giving you a night call to tell you how I feel
I want to drive you through the night, down the hills
I'm gonna tell you something you don't want to hear
I'm gonna show you where it's dark, but have no fear

There something inside you
It's hard to explain
They're talking about you boy
But you're still the same

There something inside you
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ID: d31d No.20533

I asked blacknameer to add me on steam so we could coordinate shit.

I could make a less-memetastic version but I think we can do something special with this.

ID: 8d83 No.20553

ID: d3ed No.20586

I'm gonna start mixing this week, though I'm holding out to see if Knorrig will contribute

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i hope im not too late

ID: d3ed No.20750

ID: 2b8b No. 20749 [Reply]

One day the bullying will stop.

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New emote thread here. But first

(Top 17 stay, bottom 17 go, the Duds are ignored)
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/nice3 or something

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I was thinking of this but we already have :stepfather:

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ID: 29c3 No.20735

ID: e557 No.20737

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Just in case: http://i.imgur.com/yISQ6Bd.jpg
>FurAffinity Gamers
>Vore lovers
>Gardevoir lovers
>The Republic of Lucaria
>The Lucario Mafia
>My Little Foxie: Bestiality is magic
>OFG | Open Fandom Gaming
>The Furry and Brony Playground!
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ID: 6757 No.20738

can we ban this guy? I knew he was a furry from day 1

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What is kava? Its a bitter tasting drink dat you drink to have good feels. It is in the same tier as alcohol and weed, you aren't gonna trip balls or be blown away by it. You will feel relaxed, nice body high, mild euphoria, and probably increased libido.

1. Buy kava: http://www.amazon.com/KAVA-WAKA-powder-Fijian-Quality/dp/B00A80163M
2. Get kava strainer: http://nakamalathome.com/kava-kava-tea-preparation-cloth
3. Godhead's Good Goy Kava Formula™: 3 tablespoon of kava powder mixed with 1.5 cups of water. Stir. That makes 1 "shell" of kava. Drink 1-2 shells in a sitting, drink more if you're brave.
4. Put in fridge for 24 hours. This is important.
5. Pour kava from bowl you made it with in fridge through strainer into another bowl.
6. Knead the kava. Keep the strained kava in the strainer cloth. Take out of the brew, squeeze out liquid like squeezing out a sponge, and repeat. Do this for 5-15 minutes. The longer, the better.
7. Drink.

Dis is good shit guys. Nice relaxing drank for watching v4c or to enjoy with a nice anime night on v4c. Note: you might read that its bad for the liver if you google it, thats only true if you make kava from leaf and stems. The link I posted above is 100% root powder.

ID: da47 No.20717

Video prep tutorial for the illiterate


ID: 95ed No.20736

I tried this and my dick turned into a crystal made of mustard gas

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ayo can I get unbanned?

I don't know why I got banned in the first place

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